Coaching for Sales Managers

Coaching for sales managers: achieving a balance between operative and strategic tasks and personal development for personal success and satisfaction.

The biggest challenge for sales managers is to find the right balance between daily business, strategic tasks and their own personal development.  The goals of coaching for sales managers will therefore often be to develop effective time management and clear prioritization. Other key challenges are in the following areas:

  • Leadership – what does leadership mean? How do I lead my (sales) team?
  • Conflict management – how do I solve conflicts within the team or with individuals?
  • Crisis management – what resources do I have to manage crises and how can I use them?
  • One-on-one coaching for continuous development of employees:
    • Developing leadership style – for new sales managers
    • Delegation – how to know what to delegate, when, and to whom
    • Accountability – what am I accountable for, and what am I not accountable for?
    • Demanding performance – what can I expect from my team members?
  • Group coaching for development of management teams:
    • Definition of company values – what do we stand for and what is important for us as a company?
    • Development of leadership principles – what does leadership mean to us?
    • Team development – how to set up our teams to be most effective?
  • Recruitment of new sales personnel (in co-operation with NotchDelta Executive Search)
    • Definition of job profile – what capabilities are a must/nice to have for the candidate?
    • Preparing for the interview – how to lead a successful interview
    • Support during decision making process –  what criteria should be used to select a candidate?