The successful sales call

Good preparation, asking the right questions and a professional way to deal with objections are the key success factors for a sales call.

This first module covers topics related to a classical meeting of a sales representative with a customer.

Sales people will learn here the basics of how to find new customers and get appointments, how to open and lead a meaningful discussion with the customer, how to handle objections and get the customers commitment for the next steps towards the sale.

The aim of the module is to give the sales person a standard set of tools for effective customer interactions and to make them more confident in meetings with known and especially new customers.

Basic Module

Handling customer interactions

Advanced Module

Increasing effectiveness in customer interactions
How to prepare for the sales call
Lead generation
How to find new customers
Opening and leading discussions
How to engage the customer and earn the right to proceed
Acquisition channels
When and how to use cold calls, referrals, emails, etc.
Asking the right questions
How to ask the right questions and get the information you need
Market segmentation
How to analyze your market and develop strategies for different customers
Understanding customer needs
What are the driving motivations behind the customers needs and wishes?
Handling objections
How to counter arguments and present your value to the customer
Getting commitment
How to get a commitment from the customer regarding the next steps to make the sale
Closing the sales call
What are the concrete next steps and timelines?