Effective time management

Time is one of our most valuable resource and effective time management is a prerequisite for reaching goals and keeping a healthy work-life-balance.

Time management is maybe the most neglected element in the training of new sales employees. Time is a sales reps most valuable resource and it is astonishing how bad most of us are to manage this precious good. If we all spent enough time to plan properly, set SMART goals, and prioritize our work there would for sure be enough hours in a day. If it were only that easy!

The participants will learn how to be more efficient in their daily work by good self-organization, effective territory-management and strict prioritization.

To work smarter instead of harder is the aim of the module.

Basic training

time management

Advanced training

Implementing effective time management
Self organisation
Understanding how to use your time and how to manage it
"Get things done" time management
Developing strategies for effective time management
How to plan your day to use your available time most effectively
How to know when and what to delegate
Identifying the Big Rocks and structuring your tasks accordingly
SMART goals
How to define goals and how to reach them
Territory management
How to plan customer visits in your territory effectively