Presentation and communication

Good communication is key to success in sales. To listen carefully and convincingly present own solutions are prerequisites for this.

The best sales people are good listeners. They know the rules of communication, how to extract information from customers, and how to read their body language to understand what is being said in between the lines.

And they know how to convincingly present their solution and their case to the relevant people.

In the basic module we will focus on the rules of communication, will practice effective interaction with customers and will provide guidelines of how to prepare and give a meaningful presentation.

The advanced module focuses on specific communication techniques to successfully get the message across to the listener.

Basic Module

Daily communication

Advanced Module

Strategic communication
Rules of communication
Key components of successful communication
The elevator pitch
How to market yourself and your products, and how to convey your messages in 30 seconds
The communication triangle
How to actively listen to the customer to ensure understanding of the messages
The influence of body language
Communicating without words
Giving meaningful presentations
How to structure and present concepts
How to tell your story and integrate your messages into the customers situation