Coaching for Sales Representatives

Coaching for sales representatives helps salespeople develop a commercial mindset and to find their own personal style of selling.

For a scientist to become a successful sales representative, more is needed than just a standard training that provides technical content and selling strategies. A change of mindset is needed to enhance commercial thinking and to develop the necessary soft skills and other selling capabilities in daily business. Field sales reps often feel left alone with this task because they are usually on their own in front of the customer. For them, a coach is the ideal companion on their way to success.

  • Support implementation of training content in daily business
  • Enable them to manage the classical challenges of a sales position:
    • Commercial thinking
    • Time management
    • Communication with internal and external customers
    • Self organization
    • Prioritization
    • Goal setting
  • Classical coaching in class room setting or coaching during joint customer visits
  • One-on-one coaching or group coaching to develop whole sales teams