Value selling and negotiation

A clear focus on values and benefits for the customer instead of technical features and price is the key success factor to win a negotiation and beat the competition.

A customer usually doesn’t buy a product but a solution to his problem. If he sees the value of a product/service for his situation he will very likely be willing to pay a price premium over competitors products. Hence, a good sales person focuses on the benefits that his/her product delivers to the customer and not on technical features and specifications.

Negotiation is more than just price discussions – it is about the right balance between the value the customer gets from the product/service and what he has to give in return. With products getting more and more equal other values are important – service, reliability, relationship, trust, knowledge, reputation, etc. All this is part of negotiation.

Sales reps attending this module will learn how to win more often in competitive situations, and how to increase profits by less discounting. They will learn to negotiate on multiple levels and not just focus on price – for the benefit of both, their company and the customer.

Basic Module


Advanced Module

Value selling
Understanding the difference between product selling (features) and value selling (benefits)
Multi-level negotiations
How to focus negotiations on customer benefits and other factors apart from price (non-monetary, high value benefits
Competitive situations
How to understand and deal with the competition
Defining a negotiations strategy
How to define the goals of the negotiation and plan a strategy for achieving them
Selling vs. negotiating
Understanding the difference between selling and negotiation
Closing strategies
How to manage final stages of the negotiation process to get customer commitment
Asking for the order
How to ask for and get the customers buying commitment