Good opportunity management for a reliable forecast

A reliable forecast requires good opportunity management and an in depth understanding of the sales funnel and the customers buying center.

Keeping track of a large number of opportunities, knowing how to actively move the opportunities through the sales funnel and delivering a reliable forecast are sources for endless discussions of sales reps with their management. Even experienced sales reps often struggle here and operations departments at countless companies lack efficiency due to bad forecasting.

Sales representatives that attend this module will learn how to properly qualify an opportunity not only technically but also financially, how to analyze their sales funnel and take appropriate actions for improvement if necessary, how to work with internal and external customers to manage expectations, and how to ultimately improve their forecasting efficiency.

Basic Module

Understanding the sales pipeline

Advanced Module

Managing the sales pipeline
Opportunity qualification
Defining and obtaining the information needed to understand the state of the opportunity
Driving opportunities
Understanding and managing the entire customer buying process
Basic forecasting
What is forecasting, why is it important, and what information is needed?
Improving forecast quality
Improving forecasting reliability and managing internal expectations
The sales funnel
How to think of a sales process using the sales funnel
Sales funnel management
How to prioritize and move opportunities through the sales funnel effectively
Introduction to buying centers
What are buying centers, and what role do they play in the sales process?
How to manage buying centers
How to manage the buying center, understand its processes etc.