Coaching and training – a perfect partnership

Coaching is the accepted way to accompany someone during personal development to reach their goals and satisfaction in life.

Coaching for sales personnel is an ideal addition to training since it supports the employees in developing their personal and professional skills. For this reason it is applicable to all levels of the organization – from both field and inside sales organizations to regional and upper management.

The term “coaching” is not clearly defined and is used in many different ways – everyone can claim to be a coach independent of the qualification he has. For this reason it is often not clear what a coach really does.

Coaching covers the middle ground between training and consulting. A training offers knowledge (mostly technical); how to implement this knowledge often is the responsibility of the trainees themselves. A consultant on the other hand analyzes the situation of his client and then tells him what he needs to do to solve his problems.

In contrast to this a coach is a companion or partner who helps the client to see and analyze different ways and options to enable him to find himself the best solution for his specific situation. A coach is convinced that the both the issues to be solved and the ideal solution can only be found and successfully be implemented by the person himself.