(Key) Account Management

Good account management means to have a deep knowledge and understanding of your customers that enables you to discuss solutions and strategies with and for them.

Sales is about building and maintaining strong relationships with customers. The sales person who knows his/her customers, their goals and challenges, the key people in the organization and their relationships within, their strategy, risks and values, and has a strong bond to the influencers in an organization has an invaluable advantage over competitors sales representatives.

This module focuses on the differences between selling and managing accounts, on long-term vs. short-term strategies, and on what it takes to become a good (key) account manager.

Basic Module

Basic Account Management

Basic Module

Key Account Management
Selling vs. managing accounts
Understanding the difference between simple selling and managing an account
Peer-to-peer selling
Involving multiple levels within both organizations in the sales process
Basics of account management
Building and maintaining relationships with customers
Key account management
Creating a strategic partnership with a customer at all levels of the organization
Using a CRM system
Benefits of a CRM system for the salesforce and management
SWOT analysis
Understanding your own and your customers strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
Customer segmentation
Defining A, B and C customers and allocating time and resources appropriately
Strategic planning and selling
Understanding where the customer is headed, and defining short- and long term sales strategies